This week’s assignments were definitely a learning process for me. Since I’ve never been really part of the social media world, the daily creates using twitter was a change for me, it was fun. The 3 bank assignments were also interesting since I’m not a technology guru, everything I did to complete the assignments are something I will know for future assignments and other classes. Viewing and commenting on other student’s creations were intriguing as well, we’ve got some really creative people in our class. Bravo! Editing my blog is a working progress, another learning process.

Commenting on Others’ Posts

I’ve read and reviewed other student’s posts and commented on their posts, see below.

Commented on Another’s Weekly Assignment.

Daily Creates

These were fun quick projects on twitter. The haiku map was neat, really enjoyed this one.

Weekly Bank Assignments

I completed the Character Assignment and Writing Assignment including the 80s theme. These were more writing projects at the 4 star rating. Also completed the Web Assignment using the Googling Draw with a 1 1/2 star rating. Please see ds106 blog titled Google vs. Me, Characterization, and Clowning Around.

Eding Blog Site

I went into WordPress and edited what I thought needed editing. By the end of class, it should be perfect. this was also a learning process, changing and finding new things that I did not know existed.

Weekly Summary
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