Since I come from a family of boys, I thought it would be interesting to create a girl character, picking from the assignment bank of Creating Your Own Character and seeing what came to mind. Keeping with the 80s theme, I went with the pink colors and keeping everything simple such as using paper to create your designs vice using a software to create your imaginations. It was interesting to come up with a character.

Laura from the 80s

Laura is a city high school class senior of 1985, coming from a family of 7 with 4 other brothers. Since Laura is the only girl in the big family, her favorite hobby is to design and create outfits. She is excited to graduate high school, so she can pursue her dream job of designing clothes. Since 1985 is not yet a booming technology world, she is bound to draw out outfits on paper. All this paper created outfits fill her bedroom walls when she makes as her own. Laura is an extrovert in her immediate family because she has to be with four brothers but mildly shy in public. Since she loves designing and creating outfits, she likes to go out with her brothers for pizza wearing colorful arrays of pink. What she doesn’t like most is that she must leave the only world she has ever known to be an adult in the ever-growing 80s world.  

Weekly Assignment – Characterization

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