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I ran to Harris Teeter to grab something else other than wine when this wine bottle caught my eye. The primary color, red, is what stood out among the rack.

The red color is bright and collaborates with the gray background and a slight tint of white around the red dress. It’s a great design to use the primary color.

The reason why I kept this picture is the way the design caught my attention. It’s a great way to catch someone’s wine shopping.

Metaphors and Symbols

Here is a poster you see on instructions on keeping the general area of the kitchen clean.

The designer put in symbols of a spoon and fork and microwave and refrigerator. The spoon and fork are more of a symbol of what is used with food. There great symbols on keeping the reader and observers on their toes when it comes to keeping the kitchen clean and they used the primary color of blue.

I went with this poster because of the symbols. The designer could have went with a simple sign of keep the kitchen clean but this is what everyday users see.

Minimalism/Use of Space

Here is a picture of the acronyms of the different departments branching out to each other and being of the same family.

The creator here used a single tree to point out that OCHR, DCHR, and HRO belong in one origin. The minimalism of the tree is all that is needed to get the point across.

I kept this picture since it’s minimal to the picture. One tree in the white space, not many other colors excepts for the shades of the color green and brown.

Font/Function Message

Above you see a picture of a poster in a vet clinic with a message to the patients’ owners.

The viewer sees letters and I’m looking at the font. The font is easy to read, not too big and not too small. It’s centered in the middle of the poster with the primary color blue.

I used this picture because the designer did a good job with the font size by using small caps and bolding the words to get the message read.

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