Moon Graffiti

How does sound drive stories?

The sound design of the this audio from Moon Graffiti was very graphic. The dialogue, sound effects, and the audio details support the person listening picture the story. The detail is very depictive and vivid.

How does it impact mood and create atmosphere?

The audio impacts a person’s mood with a fierce curiosity. The audio creation of the atmosphere builds a spine-chilling story. Including several characters in the story makes it rather genuine and almost factual.

How do the ideas in Abumrad’s videos relate here?

Abumrad’s idea is to create audio sounds to make it pictorial and imaginative. The point of the audio is to make the listener connect to the story by co-imagining and that’s exactly what Moon Graffiti does for a person, the voices of the characters were powerful. It was a successful audio story.

Audio Reflection

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