Stuck in Traffic, See that Bumper Sticker!

One of the assignment this week is to create a design for our group radio show. See our bumper sticker!

The bumper stick is the theme of the 80s, generation X, people born in the 60s and 70s, but group up in the 80s.

For the creation of the bumper sticker with the white background, it displays DS106 FM Radio and the name of our group, The Voice of Generation X. I created the bumper sticker using PowerPoint. I wanted to implement what colors would pop out on a car bumper. The color white would pop out with red and bright blue fonts. I changed the font of words several times to get it right and since the group name would not fit all on the same line, I moved it to the second line. I played with the shadow of the letters until I got it right. Then, I screen shot it to make it a peg file to upload into the media file. I hope you like it.

Voice of Generation X
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