80s Theme

This assignment was harder than creating an audio scene.

After viewing all the clips on our assignment page and getting a grip of what a video essay entails; I googled what 80s films were popular so I went with Pretty in Pink since it was free to view on Amazon Prime. I initially went to FIOS, Netflix, Hulu, then finally found it on Amazon Prime.

I then youtubed how to record a video on my desktop. It recommended Quicktime so I played around with Quicktime before I decided on what part of the movie I would record.

After several tries, I finally got the hang of Quicktime. I saved four clips of the movie to my desktop and began using iMovie, another application of Apple.

iMovie is another application I had to try several times before I uploaded the video essay to Vimeo. Another application that I had to get to know.

Vimeo would not upload my video unless I paid so I risked it and uploaded it to YouTube which you see here.

I hope you enjoy it.

Video Essay
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