Where the 80s music is at!

The collage above is from the Bank Assignment where you create a collage to make a music cover page with a band and album name. Using PS Express, I filtered the image with red but I think the cover looks better with the black and white filter. The collage has white grid borders and a white colored bold band name. The album title represents the picture of the boys hanging out and relaxing; wasting time. The pictures are fun and relaxing images of the boys crossing their eyes, closing their eyes, or just simply looking. I decided to go with black and white to make it look aged and old from the 80s. Wasting Time is the album name to represent the boys sitting in a restaurant, wasting time. For the image, I brought in the color of the font to not make it stand out but somewhat gray colored and large to not miss the point of the picture. Using the app PS Express was fun and interesting how you can bring and filter many colors into a photo. Enjoy!

Razor’s Edge

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