Voices of Generation X

In our group, we have two people, myself and one other person. We’re making it work by dividing and conquering.

Game Plan

The radio show is to tell about the 80s from the very people that lived it. They will be asked a series of ten questions; everything about the 80s, the class theme. It came up with the group name Generation X since the interviewees were born in the 60s and 70s but lived out the 80s.

We created a google doc so we can be on the same page and collaborate. In the google docs, included are our group name, show name, interview questions, interviewees, audio assignments, audio sounds, etc.

We also exchanged phone numbers so we can communicate real time. I’ve texted Ivelisse every day this week to share ideas and get on google docs so we can both get the same credits. Communication is key in our group.

So far, I’ve received two recordings back and I have one more to send out. It’s easier that we receive recordings back so we may edit the sounds with the audacity app.

For our projects, we produced two bumper stickers, radio bumpers, radio commercials, and advertisement for our radio show using the 80s theme and content from our group name.

Our plan is to collaborate the recordings together, add music sounds, commercials, advertisements, and so on.

Radio Show Progress
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