Voices of Generation X

Our two member group was not as bad as I thought it would be. I had a great partner. We both collaborated and got the job done!

We kept our google doc updated as we went along, making it more specific so we both understood what we did and what was expected of the other. It was a 10 page document.

We also shared each other’s cell numbers just so we could keep each other updated. That was great communication as well.

For the radio show, we both sent our interview questions out to the participants who grew up in the 80s and experienced certain events in the 80s and all were sent back via mp3 files. With the mp3 files, we collaborated it on the audicity app adding in the commercials, bumpers, and our recorded voices. It was a bit more intense since there was a lot of editing from the mp3 files. We made the radio show to sound as if there was a group interview, both adding in our recorded questions. We used audicity, recording app, freesound, and soundcloud to get the project completed.

Radio Show Progress
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