Tuesday’s Shows

The Scrunchie’s Radio Show was aired first. The team did a good job with presenting fashion particulars such as beauty standards and fashion information. One of their beginning commercial or bumper was hard to hear. It was nicely collaborated by the team.

Next were the Around the World: 80s Style on the air. The team were very informative on their projects. The Jelly Shoes commercial was great. Should the Linkedin commercial have been an 80s theme commercial? Team member Sterling’s first bumper was a good one. The team’s sound effects were nicely added as well. The transitions were nicely done.

Hearing my team’s The Voices of Generation X’s show on the air was amazing. Hearing it on my laptop and hearing it on the air were two different sounds. On my laptop, I wasn’t able to detect any lag in sounds. On the air, I could hear the lag in sounds. There were a couple of spots where mutes and sounds could have been deleted. Other than these, it was nicely put together.

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