My Camera Experience

Some years ago, I took a general photography class as an elective, which taught students how to use their camera in manual mode that met everything had to be created in manual mode and not in automatic mode, which I use now.

The only real photos I take now are when I am around my sons and it is something I would definitely print and display or share via group chat. I haven’t gotten around to printing and displaying. The last photos I took were of them to send out on a Christmas card. Working with five boys and four dogs is a real challenge, since you’re working with teenagers that have an agenda of their own and four dogs that have no interest in sitting still even for two seconds.

I do not put much thought into capturing a certain meaning or feeling when I’m taking pictures of my sons. The last pictures I took with my camera and no phone were two weeks ago of my oldest son. He has a birthday coming up and I wanted him smiling that is about the real feeling I got.

After reviewing the tactics, I could capture real moments when I use my camera then use a photo software to see how I can edit to make it more meaningful and to tell a story. An image can create a narrative by telling a thousand words by itself, I will need to take more original images with the some intentions of failing and to plan and trust my instincts.

Photo Reflection

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