Finding all the points of the images from the 80s was a bit difficult for me since I didn’t know what all the points were so I had to do my research and find the best photos to best describe the points of the images provided in the links.

The selection of this photo was intentional and deliberate. The kids are looking at the photographer and he knew to capture the kids while they are in their prime actions; music probably blaring from the boom box, hanging out, and capturing the 80s.

The contrast in this image is phenomenal, it goes from dark to light and the image of facial features is predominant.

This a perspective photo looking from the top down. It’s different from a normal view image.

This is an image that concentrates on the depth. The focus here is the fire in the back image of the photo.

This is a photo that shows balance. It does not center on the women but it displays them to the left of the photo.

There were many photos in the moment but this was the best one of them all, it captures the moment.
This photo shows great lighting. You can only see the character in the image and nothing else.
This photo of the person shows a blurred background that focuses only on the person
Photo Analysis

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