Would you like Starbucks now?

This is the original sign of Starbucks.
This is in calligraphy form. I think I would go since it’s welcoming.
This is more of a broadway style of a sign. I probably would go if I lived in a big city.
This is definitely a coffee sign from the western days. I would probably would not go since I’m not a big coffee drinker.

This is a 3.5 star rating from the What a Crappy Font Will Do Assignment Bank. I had to choose a well known brand name and as you see, I chose STARBUCKS. Changing the font of the name definitely changes your mind. If it were this font, will you go. Again, I took to word document and played around with the font and screen shot it add it to the blog posts.

Advertisers have a big job just by choosing which font will work and not work. Enjoy!

New Starbs in Town
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