I decided to redo on this bank assignment since I was not too happy with it. I don’t think I put too much work into it as I should have. Here I changed the logo colors more to bright colors vice just keeping with the original black colors. The redesigned Starbucks logos would not work for the current Starbucks logo since the fonts are either too curvy or bright.

See previous work bank link:

Original Starbucks logo

I changed the font of Starbucks to blue and used the font Forte at 48. I think the color blue is too feminine and would not work for Starbucks. The font Forte is too curvy, it would not work with the green and white original Starbucks logo. It would work with the current coordinating colors of the Starbucks logo.

Here I changed the Starbucks words to the font Century Gothic at 48 again. Changed the color to green to match the round logo with the words all capped. I don’t think this would go for Starbucks’ advertisement, the font colors matching the round logo does not fit or match.

A close up of a sign

Description automatically generated

I changed the words Starbucks to small caps with red and font Harlow Solid Italics at point 48. This looks more like a food restaurant vice a coffee bistro. This would not work for Starbucks unless it were during the holidays. To change the words to small caps vice all caps isn’t the same Starbucks logo. This would not work for Starbucks.

How do you like Starbs now?
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