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This 4 star rating was a fun assignment from the Summarize A Movie With Animated GIFs assignment bank.

Pretty in Pink is an 80s film that tells the story of a teenager, Andie, trying to fit into the world she is forced to live in. Her family background is she is living and taking care of her unemployed father, who tries to provide as best as he can by listening and supporting her.

She has a devoted friend, Duckie who stands by her side. He loves her but does not have the courage to tell her until the end. He also supports her by being there even if it means his reputation is injured.

As Andie tries to fit in in her high school world, she is bulled by the much more wealthier kids. They poke fun of the way she dresses, who she hangs out with and to try to hurt her feelings as well, but Andy prevails.

During all this ordeal, Andie is noticed by Blane, a well off teenager. Andie quickly falls for Blane but has to fight through the division of poverty and riches.

In the end, Andie puts the difference aside and falls for Blane, to happy ever after!

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