Crystal’s Past

Crystal was an 80’s teenager girl; some of her struggles were she was walking everywhere making it hard to be punctual when all her friends met up at the local video arcade to have fun around all the beeping games and kids cheering. The video arcade is where Crystal and her friends checked out all the other local and nearing town boys; too shy to ask any of the boys out, no cell phone numbers to exchange, too cool since the only hot movie idol back then was Patrick Swayze and his bad boy moves. Crystal’s teenage image of an 80s boy was he had to have the moves, have the right change and not play Atari because that is what her brothers were into and those Atari game consoles were annoying. They took up the TV, they were noisy, and they took up all your attention. It was hard for Crystal to grow up in the 80s, she wanted the latest copy of Thriller from Michael Jackson but she didn’t have a car, she walked everywhere, her parents had a car but it utilized for work, errands, and gas was just too much to afford. Growing up in the 80s was hard for Crystal, she got by by doodling on her drawing pad to layout the next best dress for prom.

Crystal finally graduated high school with all of her other 80s friends. They were set on a path with never ending dreams to be somebody. To Crystal, she wanted to be happy, to meet someone and get a job so she can afford the latest acid-washed jeans. She registered for night school at the community college and started working for the local grocery store. Coming into adulthood was hard for Crystal; in her eyes, she had real struggles, sharing a car to get to work and school, not having that one pager to exchange texts, and always sitting by the house phone to pick up when it rang, just in case the call was for her.

Crystal managed to get through night school and earned her associate degree. Her next adventure was to enroll at the university in the big city and get her degree in English since she dreamed of being an editor.

Crystal’s Olden Days

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