Be Conscious

Our county has closed schools until the middle of April.

My older sons’ are home from college.

The government has not shutdown, so that means I’m still going to work.

What’s the point? I go to work, mingle among everyone, and come home to my family who have been at home all day.

My take on the COVID-19 is that if your institutions have allowed for you to stay home, then stay home. That doesn’t mean you go to mall and shop. Our local mall right now is a cesspool.

I’ve posted on our social media account, the picture below.

I’ve seen a post on social media that states, “F**k the virus, go out and enjoy the day!” Would it be karma for this person to catch the virus and rethink the post? Not everyone can take the risk and take that chance to enjoy the day. Enjoying the day can be achieved right at home, in your backyard, on your couch and catching up on Netflix, can be adding more time to your cellphone, or perfecting that bake dish, etc.

As far as toilet paper goes in my house, I think we’re good for another week. I didn’t see a point in running out and buying bulks of toilet paper.

And for the people reselling the necessary supplies on Amazon, eBay, and other markets should be ashamed of themselves. It’s ridiculous to price gouge on online markets to make a buck or two. There are real people that need these necessary supplies and to make them buy it double the price should be ruled and regulated. Please see article:

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