What am I?

I was purchased off the shelf of a technology store to capture memories. My main purpose was to ensure the wide tape caught and seized every live memory in real time.

My on button is pushed, the door is slammed to ensure there is enough wide tape in the block, I can feel cold hands on both sides since I’m so bulky. I can fell my zoom buttons being adjusted. And the red button is pushed.

There. I see the little kids running down the stairs on a cold morning, running toward the Christmas Tree and asking if Santa came. I can hear a voice say, “look at me and say Merry Christmas”.

I can feel the cold hands put me back in my bag for safe keeping and back in the closet until the next memory needs to be captured.

I feel the bag moving from the closet shelf. My on button is pushed and I see my lens stating 01/01/1981 in white letters. I feel the lens being adjusted with the zoom in and out button.

There. I see the lady stating, “Happy New Year!” Then another person waving no with her head shaking and pointing to the next person. Then another person saying, “Hey, Happy New Year!” There’s a lot of happiness in the room to capture.

Then I’m put back in the bag for safe keeping until next time.

Capturing the 80s

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