80’s Pandemic

For my final project, I’ve decided to concentrate on the 80’s pandemic specifically the measles, HIV, and pneumonic outbreak. I’ve done a little reading on CDC’s timeline of the three outbreaks and I think I have enough materials to complete my final project.

Audio: I will record an intro, share how people dealt with the pandemics, enter a radio bumper and commercial of products used during the 80’s. I’ll enter some background music to the audio.

Video: I intend to collaborate video clips of the 80’s three pandemics. I will add beginning titles, ending credits. I”m not sure how long this video will be, I will keep it short and simple but to the point.


Design: I’ve created an intro design for the video, see below.

Visual: I’ve copied a picture off the CDC website and made some edits to look aged, as if it were saved from the 80s. See below:

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