Today is not the only time society has dealt with a pandemic. Our class theme is to relate assignments to the 1980’s and that is what I did.

The 1980’s had its share of pandemics and some scary ones at that. I concentrated on only three of the pandemics: pneumonia, HIV/AIDs, and the measles.

Just like today’s coronavirus, society did not quarantine for the three pandemics but dealt with it the best way medicine could.

For my video project, I researched the three pandemics via looking and viewing videos of past information to collaborate together in a single video. I tried to stay with videos that were factual and real. I utilized Quiktime to capture the videos, saved it on my desktop so I could add it to iMovie. Then, I added a poster to the beginning of the video, added in a title to the beginning of each pandemic, added the small clips of the information, and ending with credits.

For the Audio project, again I looked up and gathered information about the three epidemics in the 1980s, which were the pneumonic plague, HIV/AIDS, and the second measles outbreak.

Kept it short, simple, and to the point.

I included a radio bumper, two advertisements, and a closing statement.

I used freesounds to add to the radio bumper, advertisements, and the closing.

I collaborated all this on audicity app and uploaded into soundcloud for everyone to hear. Enjoy!

Final Projects
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